Working with a CISCO ASA 5510

Cleaning up (or inheriting)  someone else’s CISCO mess can be very frustrating. This is just my notes and dealings with an ASA5510 that I inherited.

Before you begin any working with an CISCO ASA 55xx it is always best to do a “dir” command and at least see what is on disk0:/ .

This all assumes that you can get to a (configure) setting.

Load new image for boot and ASDM
1. Connect console cable
2. enable
3. conf t
4. configure factory-default
5. dir
6. boot system [flash:/disk0:/] [software image name]
7. write memory
8. reload
9. 1,2,3
10. asdm image [flash:/disk0:/] [software image name]
11. write memory
12. reload
##– at this point you have a running ASA with current images –##

By default the ports are down and no traffic is allowed. This can be verified by running “show ver” and noticing that all the ports say “shutdown”.  Enable the ports by “conf t, interface name, no shut”.

If for some reason you have to change the IP addresses and are running IPSec VPN — you will have to update the certificate (by getting a new certificate) or disable LDAP over SSL for the connections to work.

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