Changing Services Remotely

If you are like me and occasionally need to change the status of a service running on workstation that is clear on the other side of the campus and it is freezing cold outside… this is for you. If you can see that machine via an IP then you can change the service status. Here is how to do that:

  1. Open PowerShell and type
    Get-Service -ComputerName [name of workstation]| Format-Table status,servicename,displayname -autosize

    press enter

  2. Find the service that you want to manipulate. In this example I am using the LogMeIn service.
  3. Next you will want to find all the services associated with the services you want to manipulate to make sure they are running by typing
    Get-Service -ComputerName [name of workstation] [name of service] -Required
  4. Now type
    Set-Service -ComputerName [name of computer] [name of service] -StartMode Automatic|Manual|Disabled
  5. Now type
    (get-service -ComputerName [name of computer] -ServiceName [name of service]).stop()
  6. Now type
    (get-service -ComputerName [name of computer] -ServiceName [name of service]).start()

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