Disable or Uninstall OneDrive Completely in Windows 10

One of the many things that is activated by default in Windows 10 is the App for OneDrive. While OneDrive is cool, if you do not normally use it, the constant popup reminder to create a OneDrive account can be a real annoyance. So follow the steps below to turn it off completely in Windows […]

Cisco – Default Service Configuration Error in IOS

These error messages are related to the default service configuration option built into Cisco IOS software, which attempts to access the service configuration files from a network Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) server. To get rid of the errors and the constant searching for a TFTP server just follow these steps.

How to Determine the Serial Number of Catalyst Switch Components

If you don’t have all of the switches documented with the serial numbers in a handy location it can be thorough pain to get the serial numbers especially if the switches are in a different geographical location. Here’s how you get that info without too much sweat.

Kaspersky Lab: Ransomware Decryptor

Are you a ransomware victim? The National High Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU) of the Netherlands’ police, the Netherlands’ National Prosecutors Office and Kaspersky Lab have been working together to fight the CoinVault ransomware campaign. During our joint investigation we have been able to obtain data that can help you to decrypt the files being held hostage on your PC.